Anzaldo Wedding Highlights

Anzaldo Wedding Highlights from AJ Patell on Vimeo.

Anzaldo Wedding Highlights Film.

The Anzaldo Wedding was an incredibly fun wedding to shoot! The couple were very vibrant and entertaining, and made the process a labor of love. I brought a full videography setup and it was definitely a challenge carrying and setting up all the equipment solo, with no assistants on hand and the time crunch in full effect.

Technical info:
Shot solo using 3 cameras: Sony A99 on handheld/monopod; Sony A77 on tripod; Sony NEX5 on tripod.
Edited in Kdenlive. Music by Jason Shaw /

AJ Patell

AJ Patell is President of AJ Patell LLC, based out of San Francisco, California. AJ specializes in media production and publishing, artistic photography, modeling career workshops and fashion photography. He also serves as a wedding photographer and videographer in South San Francisco.…

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