What’s your fashion?

What do YOU fashion? What IS your style? These are some of the questions that come to mind when we think about defining fashion… but what about style?

Fashion is a loaded word, along with Style. Those two can mean one and the same thing, or they can be polar opposites depending on what you are discussing.

To me, fashion is more of a broad term defining certain standards that a particular society or culture has for an idea. Style on the other hand, to me is about individual taste and way of doing something.

In terms of clothing and apparel, many outfits can be considered fashionable, or in fashion for whatever event, time or space we are talking about. But whatever one wears, reflects their own style irregardless of fashion and standards. Not only what, but how one wears it.

When it comes to fashion photography, you can see that the whole shot is created as one singular work of art. There is a distinct theme, vibe and feel to the whole photograph that reflects a particular fashion, through the style of the embedded elements. You can take the same outfit, give it to a dozen different photographers and models, and come out with many different styles. Does any of that change the fashion of the outfit? Interesting question!

Using the example above, one fashion cover might come out energetic and loud, another maybe soft and subtle, and maybe one even dark and mysterious. The same occurs when we as individuals wear our outfits. Ever loan an outfit to a friend? Bet they wore it totally different than how you did! The fashion of that outfit never changed though. It is what was fresh and current at the moment for both of you. You felt you could adapt it to your own style and showcase yourself in a good light.

We do the same thing with selfies. Selfies were “in fashion” (faded out, oh, about a decade ago, lol!) and everyone had their own style they used to showcase themselves as best they could.

Now apply fashion and style to everything in your life. Homes, cars, computers, phones, pets, even your relationships. We all can learn a lot about ourselves just thinking about it!

Give me your take on the issue, below.


AJ Patell

AJ Patell is President of AJ Patell LLC, based out of San Francisco, California. AJ specializes in media production and publishing, artistic photography, modeling career workshops and fashion photography. He also serves as a wedding photographer and videographer in South San Francisco.…

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