Beach Photoshoot BTS Video with Rusalka Clothing

AJP Beach Photoshoot with Rusalka – Behind-The-Scenes from AJ Patell on Vimeo.

Behind the scenes of a beach photoshoot in San Francisco with Rusalka
See all the pics from the shoot here:
Blog article about the shoot here:

Photography & Production: AJ Patell –
Model: Lisa
Clothing: Rusalka, Elena Burlando –
Choreography: Christine Navarrete –
Equipment: Photos- Sony A99; Video- Sony NEX5; Software- Darktable, Gimp, Kdenlive, Kubuntu
Video Copyright: 2013 AJ Patell

“Lifted Up. The Alex Beroza / Loveshadow Filter Fest” by Loveshadow (feat. Snowflake & Alex Beroza.) is licensed under a Creative Commons license:

AJ Patell

AJ Patell is President of AJ Patell LLC, based out of San Francisco, California. AJ specializes in media production and publishing, artistic photography, modeling career workshops and fashion photography. He also serves as a wedding photographer and videographer in South San Francisco.…

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