Beach Photography with Model Lisa for Rusalka

Catch a few photos and behind-the-scenes video in the story below!

During the August Fashionable Cure mini fashion show and mixer in San Francisco, I had the pleasure to meet Elena Burlando and Lisa. Elena is the designer behind the up-and-coming Rusalka line of custom fashion. Based locally out of San Francisco, she has been hitting the show circuit and bringing along many beautiful models to wear for her. Lisa was the model that caught my eye. She had a showstopper presence and her eyes had that ‘look’ that I covet in models.

Lisa was wearing Elena’s Rusalka Feather Bikini and in the dim light I knew this was going to be a winner for me on the beach. After the show, I introduced myself to both, and Elena and I started planning the photo shoot shortly after. Elena had brought on a local San Francisco dancer/choreographer, Christine Navarrete, to the team and we were set for “work” on the beach. Hah, I know, sucks to be us! The weather was absolutely amazing, with no wind and relatively warm air (that Indian Summer finally hit San Francisco) to make the long trek at least bearable. Call time was an early 7 AM and we would starting shooting shortly after.

Elena had two outfits for the photoshoot prepared. She’s working on a white dress but wasn’t ready at the time, so her short white slip dress was up first.

AJ Patell's beach photoshoot with Lisa and Rusalka SF

AJ Patell's beach photoshoot with Lisa and Rusalka SF

You can see the multitude of modeling looks that Lisa can pull off. She was an absolute joy to work with. Courageous, spontaneous, ready to do it all…a real trooper. For those that haven’t been to a San Francisco beach before, it can be cold…real cold, and the model needs to be able to perform in the tough environment. Thankfully, we didn’t have to be tested much that day.

Christine as our team’s posing lead, put together an amazing collection of ideas on her Pinterest board and we collaborated on different poses to try at the various locations on set. You can see her in action in the video below!

Due to the full moon in the morning, the tides were starting to get pretty high! It was exhilarating, and also a challenge to keep my A99 dry for some of the shots where I had to go down stream. Beach attire is must and always fun!

Elena’s feather bikini was the second outfit we shot. It blended amazingly with the golden marble background of the cliffs. The glorious morning Sun added even more gold to the photos.

AJ Patell's beach photoshoot with Lisa and Rusalka SF

AJ Patell's beach photoshoot with Lisa and Rusalka SF

Keep an eye out for Elena’s brand, Rusalka! You can see more of her clothing designs at her site

Enjoy the rest of the beach photos from the Gallery:

» Check out the behind the scenes video next, or in HD on Vimeo!

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